Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing Your New Cat Home

Congratulations ! You have a new cat, what do you do next?
For the trip home you will need to confine your cat in a sturdy Cat Carrier. Do not leave it loose in the car as it could cause an accident.
Once at home select a quiet, closed in area such as your bedroom or a small room away from the main family traffic. Provide your cat with a litter box,food and water and maybe a scratching post. Over the next few days slowly introduce the cat to the rest of your house and other pets. It will take a little while but eventually it will become settled.
We did all this when we Adopted a big kitten from our Local Cat Rescue. He was no trouble , the one who was not happy was our Lilac Burmese Lilly. She followed him around, peeping behind furniture and hissing when he got near her. This went on for a week and then she got used to him. Then it was all forgotten and they were soon cuddling up together in a chair

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