Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cat Personality's

If you have had Cats or have a couple of them now, you will know that they all have different personality's.
My Burmese Cat is a lap Cat but she chooses herself the lap that she wants to sit on. When my son's girlfriend comes over and they go into his room to watch a movie, Lilly makes a bee line for the room too and the girlfriends lap, showing no interest in other members of my family.
Yoshi,my other Cat, Black with green eyes would never sit on a lap but he will sit next to the cupboard where the food is kept. He will follow me around the house, just in case i open that food cupboard. When its time for a cat nap he will be on the bottom of my bed asleep. If i put some food in the cat dish he will jump down off the bed and rush over to the food.
And other thing about Yoshi, he will not let Lilly eat until he is finished. If she trys to eat too then he brings up a paw and pushes her away. Men!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Caring For Your New Cat

Hopefully you have had a drama free journey back home after picking up your new Cat or kitten. It is safer to have them secure in a cat carrier or if you have not got one, then a strong cardboard box will do.
Once you have your new Kitten home the main objective is to socialise it with the members of your family. Kittens are like children,they love to play and some toys to keep them amused are a great idea. If you already have a cat then introduce them slowly. The young Kitten and the older cat will be wary of each other so don't rush them. It may take a week but they will become friends or just learn to put up with each other.
You may have made a sleeping place ,new basket, blanket,cushions. Don't be surprised though if you find the kitten curled up on the bottom of your bed instead of the bed you have made.
My son has a toy fluffy cat that he has had since he was about 3. Lilly our Burmese cat seems to think it is her mother. Even though she is about 2 years old she still sucks on Fluffy and then goes to sleep snuggled up to it

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Best Time Of The Year For Kittens

Most Kittens are born in Spring, that's September in Perth. They can also have a second litter in Summer which can result in the Perth Cat Haven overflowing with unwanted Kittens but you can and do get kittens all year round. There are certainly adult cats (many still kittens really, but for some reason a lot of people consider anything over about 6 months no longer a kitten ) available at any time of year.